About Patricia and Annina, their love for their roots and why Adaraya was born

Annina is a 36 year old woman, born and living in Switzerland, with Sri Lankan roots - her father is Sri Lankan. She is married and the mother of two lovely children, who love Sri Lanka as well. For Annina, Sri Lanka is family and friendship, pure hospitality, delicious food, culture, the energizing and calm atmosphere of the temples, the amazing nature, hills and beaches, the aromatic tea. While in Sri Lanka working a few weeks in an Elephant orphanage, she nurtured her understanding and love for elephants. 

She worked in the Swiss Banking sector for a long time, but never forgot her love for painting and her love for her roots of Sri Lanka. With Adaraya, her dream became true: being part of a wonderful jewellery brand and being able to design her own ideas, coming to life in the form of the finished unique piece. Working with Sri Lanka and Portugal is another wonderful aspect, as there is a lot of history between the two countries and exploring that connection gives her the opportunity to open her mind.

Patrícia is a 30 years old woman, born and living in Portugal, mother of one adorable baby girl. She always wanted to have her own project, with impact on other people’s lives, and when she realized the power of inspiration and beauty, she found in jewellery and in Adaraya the perfect way to inspire empathy, braveness and confidence in other women. Patrícia is passionate about being able to work with different cultures and know more about their techniques, and with Adaraya she can combine her love for entrepreneurship with the ability to create something unique, exploring a wide range of different materials and different expertises, from all over the world.

Patricia has roots in Portugal and Annina hers in Sri Lanka. While working on another venture, the collaboration and friendship between them was born, and they realized that the connection between their roots already existed in the history of their countries. All of this prompted their wish to highlight the best of both countries and to further strengthen that connection. 

Celebrating connections

Through Adaraya Annina and Patrícia want to celebrate the connections between their identities and countries, whilst supporting local producers, their handcraft, and heritage. The connection between Portugal & Sri Lanka, will be always very clear in Adaraya jewels and can also be found in the packaging: the textile pouches are made by a wonderful women’s project in Sri Lanka, and the boxes are made in Portugal according to ethical standards.

Both Patricia and Annina are citizens of the world and have the profound desire to create unique pieces with an international feel that represent the world's diversity, by exploring new materials and techniques from different origins, without compromising on high quality and social awareness.