Women of today embrace our femininity in new ways, go further, do more, break through barriers - empowered with confidence and strength, empathy and a new sense of self-love.

Our quality design pieces are essential for Adaraya. Yet, we want to stand for more than our jewellery. We want to grow side by-side with conscious and independent women, citizens of the world, empowered and determined to create a society where women are actively connecting across the world, are involved and lead destiny.

Therefore, Adaraya jewellery is created with love connecting different materials, each sourced from its leading origin in the world. When choosing our suppliers, we partner with different artisans, support each of them in what they craft best, and live our sustainability commitment - product and materials for the environment and for social partnership. We create value for all by combining new materials, new partnerships, and different origins.

Collection Roots

For our first collection we combine high quality acetate preserved from the eyewear industry with recycled silver finished by hand.

Acetate is used in the highest quality luxury eyewear frames. In the process of manufacturing their seasonal collections for leading brands, the acetate leftovers represent a big opportunity for us to design unique pieces of beauty with unexpected material matching, and to bring our values to life.

Acetate is an ecological plastic; it is made of plants. It's a nylon based plastic that is hypoallergenic. Acetate inspires for its striking colors, marbled and bright, and its durability. Acetate is cut and worked like wood, in a delicate process with high precision CNC machines guided by expert artisans. The final step is careful polishing for a precious shine.

Our Italian supplier of trust contacted different eyewear manufacturers that use acetate for their high quality frames, and we found unique blends of colors, that because of their small quantities would otherwise have gone to waste. We chose each selection with care, inspired by the beauty and light.

Our Portuguese silver smiths have perfected their expertise through several generations, and work exclusively with recycled materials, with certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council. Together we worked the silver molds that are combined with our beautiful acetate. The pieces are composed together by hand.

Adaraya designs of lasting beauty - combining preserved acetate and recycled
silver in unique ways.