Adarays is born out of love and connections, and our packaging could not be anything less than that. Let us tell you the story of how that happened.

Roots is something very meaningful for our founders, as well as social impact and women empowerment, so they tried to reflect that as much as they could on our packaging.

With Sri Lankan local contacts they got in touch with Romana from the wonderful Women’s Initiative Sthree. They have programs and training to help women become entrepreneurs, acquiring not only technical skills, but also business skills, while giving them access to production facilities. Ramona, the project manager of Sthree helped us to get in contact with Indrika, a wonderful woman responsible for all our lovely pouches. It was a challenge for everyone, during the pandemic, to find the right materials. But those challenges lead us to a wonderful journey, with Annina and Patrícia becoming so proud with the final result: not only wonderful handmade pouches, but supporting this project, that we hope to continue to do for other handmade cloth materials.

The boxes, on another hand, are made in Portugal. The company Grafislab has a lot of experience in creating great boxes and this was no exception. They supported our founders in every step of the way and we were very excited with the final result of this partnership: beautiful boxes and at the same time functional packaging - as it is a resistant material, the customer can give them different uses.

Your Adaraya pieces, designed and produced with love, will come to you embedded by Romana in these wonderful pouches inside a well-designed boxes, edged in fine silky paper. 

And because we believe that sustainability should be something we all need to be aware of, we invite you to reuse our packaging the way you see fit. We need to treat everything with Adaraya (love) - our pieces, our roots, our earth.